The "Between Realities VR Podcast," featuring Justin Wiebelhaus as a guest, offers an extensive look into various aspects of the virtual reality (VR) world. It kicks off with hosts Alex VR and Skeeva sharing updates and personal anecdotes, setting a casual and engaging tone. The episode, recorded on February 9th, 2024, delves into immersive experiences outside VR, networking within the VR community, and events like South by Southwest and GDC, highlighting the significance of community engagement and industry gatherings.

Apple Vision Pro Discussion

A substantial part of the conversation revolves around the Apple Vision Pro, a device that has garnered much attention in the VR space. Justin WiebVR, who has gained recognition for his content on TikTok, shares his insights into the device's features, such as its exceptional screen quality, the experience of using it, and its potential impact on the VR industry. Despite some criticisms, like its field of view and initial pass-through video expectations, the discussion acknowledges the Vision Pro's advancements in VR technology.

VR Content Creation Evolution

Furthermore, the episode touches on the evolution of VR content creation, emphasizing the balance between technical knowledge and entertainment value in reaching a broader audience. The narrative also explores the potential future of VR, suggesting a shift towards more immersive and spatially aware content.


This dialogue encapsulates the dynamic nature of the VR industry, illustrating how devices like the Apple Vision Pro can influence content creation and consumer expectations. It also underscores the importance of community and networking in fostering innovation and growth within the VR ecosystem.

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