In the Season 8 Premiere of "Between Realities"

Alex VR and Skeeva delve into the heart of the XR industry's latest developments, notably marked by the launch of Apple's innovative headset, the Apple Vision Pro. Their dialogue extends through various personal experiences with current VR technologies, emphasizing the crucial aspect of user comfort and the appeal of exclusive game titles, with a special focus on PSVR2's remarkable lineup.

The episode radiates the hosts' enthusiasm for VR's future, interlaced with firsthand experiences with different headsets, offering a mix of professional insights and personal tastes. Stories from their time at CES bring to life the vibrant VR community, fostering a deeper connection among enthusiasts.

A significant discussion revolves around the potential game-changing introduction of "Dungeons & Dragons" into VR by Resolution Games, exploring how traditional gaming can transcend into the immersive sphere of virtual reality, blending classic narratives with forefront technology.

Throughout the episode, the conversation fluidly moves from reflections on past VR adventures to conjectures about the industry's trajectory, mirroring the hosts' profound passion for VR and their dedication to its exploration.

Concluding with a hopeful outlook, Alex VR and Skeeva beckon their listeners to imagine the limitless potentials of VR. Stay tuned for episode 2 of the Between Realities VR Podcast, where they will introduce the season's first guest!

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