Pavlov's Evolution in VR: A Deep Dive with Vankrupt Games' Will Cloxton

In a recent episode of the Between Realities podcast, listeners were treated to an insightful conversation with Will from Vankrupt Games, the team behind the iconic VR game, Pavlov. The discussion covered a wide range of topics, from the game's origins and evolution to the future of VR gaming and the challenges and rewards of modding.

Pavlov's Journey in VR

Pavlov, for those unfamiliar, has been a staple in the VR gaming community for years. It's a first-person shooter that has garnered a dedicated fan base thanks to its immersive gameplay, varied modes, and commitment to continuous improvement. Will's insights into the game's development process provided a fascinating look into the world of VR game creation.

One of the standout moments from the podcast was the discussion around the game's balance and mechanics. Will highlighted the importance of maintaining game balance, especially in a competitive setting. He noted that any unintentional exploit could disrupt this balance, leading to an uneven playing field. This commitment to fairness and balance is evident in the game's updates and tweaks, even if they sometimes lead to player feedback.

The Power of Modding

A significant portion of the conversation revolved around the game's modding community. Vankrupt Games has always been supportive of modders, recognizing the value they bring in terms of content and innovation. The upcoming Modkit 3.0, as discussed by Will, promises to revolutionize the way modding works for Pavlov, making it more accessible and versatile.

The passion of the modding community was evident. From creating new game modes to introducing unique weapons, modders have expanded Pavlov's universe in countless ways. And with the new tools on the horizon, the possibilities are endless.

The Future of Pavlov and VR

The podcast also touched upon the future of Pavlov, especially with its impending release on the Quest platform. Will's excitement was palpable, and it's clear that the team at Vankrupt Games is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in VR.

One intriguing tidbit was the discussion around weapon collision with the environment. While it might not be a feature in Pavlov's current iteration due to the potential disruption of player muscle memory, it's something the team is considering for future titles.

In Conclusion

The Between Realities episode with Will from Vankrupt Games was a treasure trove of information for both Pavlov enthusiasts and general VR fans. It provided a behind-the-scenes look into one of VR's most beloved games and offered a glimpse into the future of virtual reality gaming.

As the podcast wrapped up, one thing was clear: the world of VR is ever-evolving, and with passionate developers like those at Vankrupt Games at the helm, the future looks incredibly bright.

Watch or listen to the full episode here:
From Modding to Mastery: The Journey of Pavlov with Vankrupt Games' Will Cloxton | BR S07E20