The Rise of Impact Reality XR and the Future of VR

In a recent episode of the Between Realities VR Podcast, we had the pleasure of diving deep into the world of virtual reality with the dynamic duo from Impact Reality XR, Eric Masher and Jasmine Uniza. Their insights, combined with the lively banter of the episode, provided a unique perspective on the current state and future of VR.

Impact Reality XR's Journey

From the get-go, it was evident that Impact Reality wasn't just another VR company. They've been pivotal in the growth of some of the most iconic VR titles, such as "Ghosts of Tabor" and "Demeo Battles". Their passion for the industry is palpable, and their commitment to pushing the boundaries is commendable.

Eric shared, "We want to help as many companies as we can. Don't think you're too small or you have no budget. We will try and make something work for you." This ethos has undoubtedly contributed to their passion for the industry.

The VR Games That Define a Generation

The episode touched on several games that have made waves in the VR community. "Ghosts of Tabor" was highlighted as a game that not only garnered immense popularity but also showcased Impact Reality's expertise in the field.

However, it wasn't just about the big names. The conversation shifted to newer, exciting ventures like "PianoVision", a mixed reality piano learning app, and the much-anticipated "Max Mustard" from the team behind "Richie's Plank Experience".

The Competitive Spirit of VR

One of the episode's highlights was the playful rivalry between the hosts and guests. From Beat Saber challenges to intense Demeo Battles, it was clear that VR gaming has evolved into a competitive arena. The banter was not just for laughs; it underscored the immersive nature of VR and how it has transformed traditional gaming experiences.

The Future of VR

The episode wasn't just a reflection on the past and present; there was a lot of speculation about the future. With the launch of new devices like the Quest 3 and innovations in mixed reality, the possibilities seem endless.

Sebastian's new venture, "Try My Tech", was also discussed, offering a unique "Uber for VR headsets" model, allowing users to test out new tech before committing to a purchase.

In Conclusion

The episode with Eric and Jasmine from Impact Reality was more than just an interview; it was a deep dive into the world of VR. From discussing iconic games to speculating on the future of the industry, it provided a comprehensive overview for both VR enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

For those looking to understand the pulse of the VR industry, this episode is a must-listen. The future of VR is bright, and with pioneers like Impact Reality leading the charge, the sky's the limit.

Watch or listen to the full episode here:
The Pulse of VR: Impact Reality XR's Role in Shaping Tomorrow's Top Titles | S07E19